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All New V5 Generation Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator
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A 1.7 Ton zero tail swing mini excavator with exceptional performance.

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  • Operating Weight - 1780kg (4 Post Canopy)

  • Yanmar 3TNV74 Engine

  • 22L Fuel tank capacity

  • 2440mm - Max. Digging depth

  • 4080mm - Max. Digging radius

  • 3830mm - Max. Digging height

  • Powerful bucket Digging force 16.4 kn

  • Expanding tracks

  • Four Post ROPS Canopy

  • High anti-corrosive aluminium oil cooler and radiator

  • Segmented boom cylinder hose for easy replacement

Comfortable Operator room & easy manipulation

  • Easily visible monitor

  • Legroom enlarged by 20%

  • Cabin room enlarged by 25%

  • Centralised switches

  • Spare power port

World Standard Safety

  • ROPS Certified


  • All-lever lock

  • Neutral engine-start

  • Auto-parking brake in swing & traction motors

High Power Digging and Quick Response

  • Digging force increased by 10%

  • Quickly responsive 4-pump system

Easy Maintenance

  • Large covers for easier access

Easy Fuel Refilling

Low Fuel Consumption

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Kato HD17V5_5.jpg
Kato HD17V5_6.jpg
Kato HD17V5_7.jpg


Hydraulic-expandable tracks and

folding push blade have an overall

width between 39" - 51", offering

the best of accessibility and

operating stability.


While the 17V5 is one of the most

compact machines on the market, the

wide opening access panel makes maintenance a breeze. Additionally, a

front and centre battery has never

been easier to test or pull.


The 17V5 comes equipped standard

with an A-F pattern change valve,

located underneath the operator

floor mat. Tool-free access to quickly

change control pattern formats.


The 17V5's redesigned ROPS/TOPS

four-post canopy has a wider access to the operators seat as well as extended legroom once inside.

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