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All New V5 Generation Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator
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A 5 Ton zero tail swing mini excavator with exceptional performance.

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  • Operating Weight 4725 kg

  • Kubota V2403-CR-E5B Engine

  • Fuel Tank Capacity 66L

  • Rated Output 32.4kW / 2400min-1

  • Max torque 155.5Nm / 1500min-1

  • Max Dumping Height 1930 mm

  • Max Bucket Digging Force 31 kn (3160 kgf)


  • High Stability

  • Operating Mode Selection - VMax mode is for speedy operation & ECO mode is for lower fuel consumption

  • Easy Fueling - The fuel filler port is placed at a lower position for easy fueling

  • Auto Idling Function - Optimum engine speed is provided automatically in a few seconds after returning the joystick levers to the neutral position

  • Powerful Operation - Isochronous control system maintains speed even if the workload changes

  • Fully Versatile Easy skimming work - The closer distance between bucket teeth and dozer blade allows it to skim the ground easier

  • High durable Rubber shoe "tough track" - The durability of rubber shoe is improved by spiral structure with great rug pattern and anti-corrosion steel cord

  • X-Shaped Lower Frame - This structure enhances the strength against twist. Mud drainage performance has increased & clearing is now carried out with ease

  • Working light under the boom

  • Reinforced Boom Cylinder Cover - The V-Shaped double structure reinforced boom cylinder cover prevents the cylinder from damage

  • Boom swing pin - Single large size pin reduces the wearing & the rattling sounds

  • Traveling Auto-shifting mode

  • Good access to Service ports

  • Comfortable Lever control

  • Steel pressed cover


Kato's V5 Line features wide-opening access panels and large compartments for working around the engine, hydraulics etc.


V5 Excavators are built on some of the industry's strongest and most stable track frames, maximizing job-site safety and minimizing equipment repairs.


Kato's V5 line features highly responsive pilot controls and easy to read instrument panels, all within the most comfortable cabs on the market.

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