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Minimal-radius Large Excavator
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A 14.5 Ton Hydraulic Excavator - Mini radius


  • Operating Weight - 14,100kg

  • Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier 4 Final Engine

  • 220L Fuel tank capacity

  • 5540mm - Max. Digging depth

  • 8450mm - Max. Digging radius

  • 9050mm - Max. Digging height

  • 6690mm - Max. Dumping height

  • 4560mm - Max Vertical Dig Depth

  • Max Bucket Digging Force 94 kn

  • Pressurized air conditioned cabin

  • Pattern change valve

Comfortable Operator Room and Easy Manipulation

  • Easily visible 7" LCD touchscreen monitor

  • Pressurized cabin

  • Centralized switches

  • Retractable windshield

Error Prevention

  • Safety Lock lever

  • Battery disconnect

High Power Digging and Quick Response

  • Quickly responsive 4-pump system

  • Dual auxiliary Hydraulics

  • Standard back fill blade

Easy maintenance

  • Large side covers for easy access

  • Large capacity tool box

Easy Fuel Refilling

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Kato HD514MR-7_10.png
Kato HD514MR-7_11.png

Window and rise up wiper

Polycarbonate door window

Safety lock lever

Handrail and step

The large size right window and

the rise up wiper secure excellent

view. The wiper is storable to

the right pillar.

Polycarbonate prevents the crack

comes from scattering stone. Hard

coating which has provided to

surface secure high resistance to

yellowing or scratches.

The new electronic control lock

mechanism enhances safety and

prevents miss operation. It locks the

hydraulic circuit in case the console

is jumped up. The engine start

operation is active only when the

lever is applied to lock position.

To prevent falling accidents, the

handrail has been provided to the

upper structure. The large size

anti-slip step enables operator

to access the upper structure safer.

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